Saturday, 9 July 2011

Car Boot Sale Glory!!

OMG today was a very exciting day, the season of car boot sales is upon us and boy did I annoy the other half with all the time I spent deciding what to buy. I recently sold my old GHD's so was glad a had a spare bit of cash to play with.

I spent £45.50 and got a lot of bargains-
  • 3 Mac pigments (unused) Chrome Yellow, Orange & Shimmer Moss
  • 5 Mac eyeshadows; Freshwater, Electric Eel, Creme De Violet and 2 from the Liberty of London collection labeled 11 & 12.
  • 8 pc Mac brush set
  • Black and gold patterned clutch bag
  • Jessica nail polish
  • Avon nail polish
  • Mustard high heels
  • Purple chinese style 200 page photo album

I know all the above Mac items are fakes but I've heard this 8 piece set is extremely close to the real quality of MAC. I also know the Freshwater eyeshadow is real as this was bought from someone's personal stall, rather than a business stall like the rest of the items.

What do you think - have you ever bought fake items and found them to be good or bad? Let me know :D


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