Monday, 31 May 2010

Butterfly Nails

I realised the other day that it's been a while since I had a french manicure and thought I would use my art deco nail set to spice it up a little bit. I used my Nailene french manicure set, the french pink has small glitter detail so it gleams! The nail pen doesn't go on as well as I appears cracked once it has dried... But you can't see this very easily from a distance.

I used black nail varnish to apply the art deco nail plate detail and then used the Nailene top coat. I chose to use a butterfly stencil as I've seen quite a few about recently. I haven't used the art deco set before and it can get quite messy when trying out the stamps for the first time...using black is even worse! 

But anyway, it was quite late last night so I have just applied the butterflies to my thumbnails to start with, and will most likely to the rest of my fingers tonight, perhaps in a dark purple/violet. I think it turned out pretty well considering...I will add another picture once complete!!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Cookie Feet

No, I haven't gone crazy...yet. I was in Boots last weekend as I had two No.7 £5 off vouchers to spend. As these vouchers appear quite often in Boots I thought I would take a look at purchasing the limited edition items. Summer collection, and 75th anniversary collection.

I'm mad about No.7 nail varnishes, so I looked at those first and was in luck when I found they had "mini dress", creamy colour in stock (originally saw this online and loved it). The other one I saw was a medium brown, it's totally different, quite often you will find chocolate browns. I thought the brown would be good for summer (I'm hoping to get a tan at some point) and think it will go well with the brightly coloured clothing I'll be wearing.

I am always excited about using new nail polishes so couldn't decide which one to use first (and I had only just painted my fingernails) so I though I would put both onto my toenails!! Once applied it turned out much better than I had expected as my toes had a cookie look to it! Quite cute really. And I even wore open toed sandles to work today to show them off!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Spa Recipes - Thigh Toning Serum

Ok, so I'm not gonna pretend I'm a girl who goes out and buys a product purposely to make my legs look slimmer or anything (as I'm naturally quite slender) but recently from my 99p store I purchased a pack of 6 beauty treatment sachets. Now I know what you thinking - cheap rubbish? That's what I thought, but I'm a sucker for trying new things!

It came with: thigh toning serum, leg balm, frizz hair treatment, moisture hair treatment, thermal hot face mask and purifying face mask. Some of which I have tried already, but back to the review in hand...

I put the serum on my legs last night, it's a bit like a mixture of body scrub and moisturiser. The sachet holds the perfect amount for my legs, probably a bit too much if I'm honest (I am quite small) but there's no harm in really moisturising your legs no is there? It feels a bit weird on your hands at first, but I got used to it. The smell wasn't overpowering, but it was kinda fruity - which I liked.

After applying the serum and rubbing it in completely (which took a good few minutes) my legs felt a bit "sticky", so not something I would recommend before getting dressed to go to school or work. However as I did it just before going to bed it was fine.

When I woke up the next morning my legs felt like silk. Not kidding. Absolutely amazing. By the evening they still felt smooth, it was like I had shaved my legs, but better...imagine how my legs would have felt if I had in fact shaved then applied the serum? That will be my next test!!

So for a product that comes with 5 other sachets for 99p, it's a must buy!! I've already recommended it to a few friends!!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Nails of the Week

I purchased a new "hot pink" nail varnish from Boots last weekend with my £5 off No.7 voucher and was dying to try it out but had only just painted them so it was left until today when I felt in need for a change!

In the picture the pink looks a lot paler than it does in real life, it is a lovely vibrant shade - perfect for summer!

The pink was my base colour and I decided to contrast it with my black fine line polish. The design was inspired by a look on youtube, someone did something similar with black and white.

I have made it slightly simpler as I try to minimise the time I spent on my nails to about an hour a week, this only took about 45 minutes and I did it whilst enjoying the sun we've had in the UK recently!

Thanks for reading!!


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