Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mini Gosh Haul - Superdrug Payday Trip

I had been in the gym and wanted to wander into Boots to see if there were any No.7 nail varnishes I was drawn to as they are doing their £5 off No.7 vouchers at the moment and I have a few of them.
I did buy a few nail varnishes but they weren’t No.7, they were the younger Boots brand “17”. Click here to see which three I chose.

I was walking back to my car and decided to pop into Superdrug on the way. And there I saw it “Gosh – clearance”!! Awesome, I thought. I am on a strict budget when spending on luxuries (as I’m saving for my wedding next year) so I bought 2 Gosh On Stage lip glosses (only £3.50 each instead of £7) and got a Gosh Light ‘n’ Shine free (worth £8.50) Then picked up two nail varnishes for my sister (and got the other Light ‘n’ Shine lip gloss for myself – bit cheeky I know but an 11 year old doesn’t really need lip gloss!)

 Left to Right: Cool Lip Jam 102, Light ‘n’ Shine 04, Light ‘n’ Shine 02 & Cool Lip Jam 105

I love the colours of each lip gloss, the only thing I find when wearing them is that they can tend to be a bit ‘sticky’ but they smell lovely  and fruity so it really doesn’t bother me too much.
The great thing I learned about the Light ‘n’ Shine lip glosses (after almost a day of owning them) is why they are called Light ‘n’ Shine…When you open the lid two small lights shine out, so as to shine onto your lips when applying. Then I realised what the mirror on the side of the gloss was for. Such a genius invention. I now go anywhere with these lip glosses as they can be applied in any situation, nightclubs, rooms with dark lighting, restaurants, and the list goes on. Also you now no longer need to carry a separate mirror so this is also a space saver!! Not bad for free eh!?

I also love the staying power of these glosses and how dramatic they can be. Obviously the more you apply the more dramatic it looks but Light ‘n’ Shine 02 is absolutely stunning. Hot pink is not normally a fave of mine but this is amazing. I love the little sparkles Gosh lip glosses have in them too, all these glosses I’ve bought do anyway…I would definitely urge anyone to get to their nearest Superdrug store and see what Gosh clearance items are available!!

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