Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Nail Designs

Well since recently becoming a qualified Nail Technician I have been working on some bits and bobs to help clients choose the nail design they want, and which colours they would like. I have over 200 nail polishes and this also showed the other half just how different they all are!

Below is a picture of my first nail design wheel;

The colours I have used above are the Barry M, Saffron, 2Tru and Essence  polishes I own. I've painted 9 others in my nail polish colours using all other brands, such as No.7, Models Own, 17, Collection 2000 and more. Now I just need to add all the detail. It helps when you don't try and do all of them at once, otherwise I start feeling like I have no more ideas left. Just going back through my nail posts on my blog will likely give me inspiration!

What do you think? Have you ever done this, either for yourself or clients? I think it's also gonna help me choose what I want on my nails each week!!

Thanks for reading! xoxo


Cas said...

Love this! You have some great designs. The light blue with the racer stripe is my favorite. :D I have never done this but I am obsessed with polish and combining different colors, just have to try this to plan upcoming shade combinations!

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