Friday, 28 May 2010

Cookie Feet

No, I haven't gone crazy...yet. I was in Boots last weekend as I had two No.7 £5 off vouchers to spend. As these vouchers appear quite often in Boots I thought I would take a look at purchasing the limited edition items. Summer collection, and 75th anniversary collection.

I'm mad about No.7 nail varnishes, so I looked at those first and was in luck when I found they had "mini dress", creamy colour in stock (originally saw this online and loved it). The other one I saw was a medium brown, it's totally different, quite often you will find chocolate browns. I thought the brown would be good for summer (I'm hoping to get a tan at some point) and think it will go well with the brightly coloured clothing I'll be wearing.

I am always excited about using new nail polishes so couldn't decide which one to use first (and I had only just painted my fingernails) so I though I would put both onto my toenails!! Once applied it turned out much better than I had expected as my toes had a cookie look to it! Quite cute really. And I even wore open toed sandles to work today to show them off!!


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