Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Boring Brown NOTD...

I'm not sure why I've titled this boring - as it isn't to me, but when you say brown nails, it does kinda sound a bit boring, right? Anyway - see the pictures below and decide for yourself :D

This is Becca's Brown after two coats - although I'm not sure who Becca is...it's mine now.

I think it's a great look for this time of year. Not too dull but also quite neutral at the same time, and the browns go well with the weather, very dreary at the moment and brown to me is kind of dreary I suppose - except it doesn't make my nails look dreary which is good!

Anyway I might jazz it up a bit with some nail art stamps tomorrow, but for now it's time for bed :D

Thanks for reading xoxo


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