Thursday, 29 December 2011

200 blog posts!! This will be celebrated by a NOTD look!!

Hi all, well 200 posts, that's certainly an achievement for me! Some days I hardly find the time to blog, but I'm happy to know there are always people out there interested in what I am writing :)

For Christmas I got a few new bits of clothes - but no makeup and I haven't been buying any in the sales either - I've actually been super good. Hoping it means paying for the wedding will be a bit easier!!

Anyways, today I fancied a bit of gray...the weather hasn't been great! But then I felt it looked a bit sad and lonely so have divided my nail up diagonally with another silvery gray shade and separated it with a white line.
My pictures aren't great as I did my nails as quick as I could and the bottom layer wasn't quite dry enough for the "straight line using sellotape" trick. Nevermind, it's not something you notice up close as I don't know who would be getting that close to my nails in real life!!

Nail varnishes used:
No.7 Base Coat
Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry in Wham (27)
No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Night Silver (62)

P.s. if you have any ideas for me as to what posts I can do in 2012 please let me know - I am hoping to have a strong year of blogging and vlogging up ahead, and would really love to get my followers to 100 by the end of next year!! Thanks for reading xoxo


Annie.n said...

they look nice! i love grey nails xoxo

samwells87 said...

thank you! xoxo

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