Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Birthday OOTD

Hiya guys, I've just recently celebrated my 24th birthday, hence why I have been away for a bit. So to jump back into the swing of things here is the outfit I wore on the day, something casual, but some new items making an appearance!

I got the jacket from H&M (£20), the jumper from Hollister (£38), the green jeans from Miss Selfridge (£38) and the boots from New Look (£25), total of £117, not bad, the top under the jumper is just a cheap top from HandM (£8) if you want me to include that as well to take the price up to £125. Do you ever consider how much your outfit has cost you? It's definitely interesting for a number freak like me :-\

I'm sorry I seem to be featuring so many OOTD's lately, I think they are just the simplest for me at the moment. Especially as I have to wear clothes everyday, whereas I can't seem to find much time for make up lately, it makes me sad!! :(

I am hoping to do a nail video or liquid eyeliner video at some point today - please comment below and let me know which you would prefer? xoxo


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