Monday, 12 December 2011

You know your make up is too old when...

you go to pour out some liquid foundation and out comes water!? I didn't even know this is what happened after you'd left it so long? Even when some of the product comes out and I put the lid back on and shake it, it still sounds like there's more water in there!

I am going through my foundation stash and getting rid of shades that either no longer suit my skin colour, or those that need to go in the bin!! I don't think I spend long enough using up my products these days. New ones entice me too much and therefore I end up buying new things before I finish the old ones, then they end up being forgotten about!

Ok so what else is left of my collection apart from water? Well there is a picture below:

Of the above about 6 of them have been purchased in the last 12 months so all still in usable condition and can go safely back into storage! The other 8 (including the watery one) are over 12 months and I am going to test each one, or throw it out!

Rimmel Recover foundation in Soft Beige, watery - BIN
17 Super Wear Long Lasting Foundation in Biscuit, too pink for my skin - GIVE AWAY
Rimmel Lasting Finish in Pale Biscuit, little bit leaky - BIN
Avon ...... in Warmest Beige (name of the foundation has worn off!), perfect condition, wish I knew what it was now that I know it lasts so long! - KEEP
Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation in Soft Beige, my favourite so far (I think you can tell I have bought a lot of Rimmel in the past, cheaper than many brands, but not lacking in quality!) perfect shade for Winter for me! KEEP
17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation, shade has worn off! Consistency however is great, perfect shade - another KEEP
NYC Natural Matte Foundation in 004 and 005, strangely 005 has gone very watery but 004 is perfect, and again is a great shade for Winter. Its a shame to split this pair up as I would use the darker shade for contouring, but what can you do?! 004 KEEP 005 BIN

There we go, after half an hour my foundation stash is now 25% smaller! Thanks for reading! xoxo


Lottie said...

loads of foundation!
i love your blog! you have great taste :)
could you please check mine out? would be an honour?
it's Its fashion damnit
thanks love! keep up the good work!

samwells87 said...

Thank u very much! really appreciate u taking ur time to read my blog - lovin urs too!! xoxo

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