Sunday, 23 October 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside - OOTD

My cats recently managed to break the glass jug on our coffee machine so yesterday we ventured out to buy a new one. We ended up getting this bad boy. I was excited to make a cappuccino this morning using the Starbucks ground coffee we bought last week. Well that was 8am this morning and I'm not even sleepy yet! It was one goooooood coffee.

Anyway, now less of the rambling, time for the actual post you wanna read. Clothes, yay. Cold, yay! Some people love summer, personally I love winter. Apart from enjoying the snow, I love to layer in the cold weather and find people really get creative when they need to keep warm. I normally start off my outfit by picking out one key item. Yesterday I wanted to wear my acid wash ripped jeans from Republic (£10 in the sale). I've heard that when you go a bit edgy you want the rest of your outfit to be a bit girly. Therefore I went with a long sleeve pink top also from Republic (£5 in the sale). The top has a slight zebra effect so it's partly see through. I decided to keep the outfit casual and add a white vest top underneath from New Look (£6). To add a bit of depth to the outfit I wore my green/pink rope necklace from Next (£6 in the sale). I popped on a pink headband from H&M (£3). To keep me warm I grabbed my brown woolly coat and my owl hat both from Republic (£20 and £3 respectively, both in the sale). I seem to have so many pairs of shoes but found it difficult to choose what to finish my look and what would work with ripped skinnies...brogue ankle boots in a natural cream colour from Next (£15 in the sale).

Yes I love sales, they draw me in and make me spend lots of money, but hey, it's all worth it in the end! Overall this outfit totals up to £68, not bad in my opinion. A pair of shoes could easily cost more than that on their own!

What do you think? xoxo


Colly said...

I want that hat! Great post :) xx

samwells87 said...

I love it, I have a cat one too, they were irresistible :)

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