Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Urban Decay - The Ultimate Make Up Temptation


Well, when I got back to reading everyone's blogs and catching up I realised that Urban Decay not only had a new Book of Shadows out, but a 15 Year Anniversary palette. I have all the other Book of Shadows palettes and I'm a sucker for "limited editions" so I just had to get both in the end. I'm glad I did as they feature less duplicates than their palettes normally do. Perhaps they've finally listed to their audience? I think the two palettes only share one or two eyeshadows that are the same, and the rest are brand new shades, which got me quite excited. Luckily Debenhams in the UK were offering free delivery when I purchased and they only took 2 days to arrive.

Urban Decay colours are always so bold and bright, or sparkly for the more neutral colours. They are so different, I haven't really found anything I love as much. I enjoy mixing the colours together as I find the textures make it incredibly easy to blend. I have done a few looks already, I'll feature one for you on my next post. I might also be looking at doing a 30 day Urban Decay challenge for the month of November. 30 eyeshadow looks using different colours everytime. With 6 palettes and 95 shades I think it is doable, but only if I plan well, based on using on average 3 shades for most looks.

Anyway, here are my pictures:

Beautiful colours
15 Year Palette, you can use the purple box to put other useful items in!
Pretty box, lots of funky stuff going on
Speaker, primer potion, mascara & eyeliner add to the usual 16 eyeshadows!

I love the fact that this palette came with a mascara & eyeliner as I'd not tried them before. Thats the bonus when you get these palettes, you get to try other products without having to purchase them separately!!

I love the liquid eyeliner already and I'd only used it once. But I'm not much of a pro at putting it on, but it was so easy!! I love the lasting power too, it definitely lasted the whole day, I could not see that it had budged at all.

I was so happy with my purchases I decided to give you an extra few shots of my pets today, my two cats who are 18months old. And my lil puppy who is only 5 months!



Orla Lorenza said...

i love that palette! and your pets are so cute xx

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