Thursday, 27 October 2011

Brighten Up My Day - OOTD

Well as most of you would guess right, it is raining again in the UK, finally Winter is coming. It's then when I want to wear bright colours and tights most of all, we need to cheer ourselves up somehow lol. Although saying that I quite like Winter. Snow, getting to dress warm and snuggly. Wearing scarves (I bought a lovely new one today from Topshop!), gloves and hats! Yay.

Ok so here is today's look:

What do you think? Coral looks great with black in my opinion! I had to add more sparkle with the tigths, not sure if you can tell in this picture. My future hubby to be took it and it's not up to his usual standard lol. I have a few sparkles on my top so I thought the tights went well. xoxo


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