Monday, 14 June 2010

Avon Everglaze Lip Duo

Today I want to write about a product I have had for a while - but recently rediscovered - as in yesterday. It's been a while since I purchased cosmetics from Avon as I would end up spending so much money on things I didn't necessarily need  - which is bad for me as Dave says I have too much make up already (considering I don't always wear it).

Anyway, the product is 5ml, and cost about £5 if I remember rightly. I got the "Twig" colour as I thought I would go for something relatively natural - wood is very natural! hehe.

So here it is:

As you can see the writing has worn off slightly it is so old. But for some reason it came to my attention yesterday and I wore it remembering my partner hates the sticky lip gloss/lipstick taste when he kisses me and I thought - with this I get coloured lips, and he can't feel or taste anything different...genius!

I may be tempted to order some more, I checked Avon out today and saw they now have a 3-in-1 lip wand, gloss, lipstick and lip ink!! Will investigate!


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