Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Creightons Sunshine Blonde Conditioner

You will all be sick of hearing about our 99p store soon, but whilst purchasing an uber bottle of Messhead for the fiancé I spotted this on the shelf.

It looks very similar to the John Freida blonde shampoo and conditioner collection. Unfortunately on this trip I didn't see the shampoo so just bought the conditioner, but when I next stop by I will be on the lookout for the shampoo!! I always love trying new shampoos and conditioners because I've never really found something that makes me think my hair looks amazing, except when I recently used a hair treatment mask for the first time (will review shortly).

I dyed my hair a dark blonde on Friday evening and used this afterwards and my hair does look very blonde in comparison to the shade it was, but obviously at the moment I'm not sure if that's due to the dye or whether the conditioner did lighten my hair.

I will be washing my hair again soon so I'll let you know if I see a noticeable difference!!

Let me know if you have purchased this item or the John Freida one, I would be interested to know if it worked for you.


georgie4796 said...

I use the John Freida collections, I only used the conditioner because didn't have enough moeny on me at the time to buy the shampoo as well. I have to say it worked really well! I'm a natural blonde and my hairs quite light anyway, but I have a few brassy tones and in certain conditions it just looked greasy even when it wasn't. So I decided to buy the conditioner after seeing many adverts.

It worked after the second/third wash for me; I was very pleasently suprised because I really wasn't expecting anything. My hair appeared noticably lighter and it had neutralised the brassy tones in my hair. I am very pleased with this product :)

The only downside I'd add to it, is that the shampoo and conditioner are expensive. It was £4.99 when I bought it first, in another area though, I bought it for £3.95. And considering the size of the bottle its' not too bad. But I'm definitely looking for the one you reviewed! Another thing is that I really don't like the smell, it smells artifical and it actually distracts me when I'm washing my hair. I said something about it to my Mom and she said she actually liked the smell. But when I asked others they admitted that they thought it was horrible. So I always have to rinse my hair like mad to try and get rid of the smell when I use the conditioner. And isn't that a bit off the point, because technically I'm just rinsing of all the conditioner before it lightens my hair? I suppose it depenends on what you think yourself.

Otherwise a very effective product

Tessa Pickering said...

It will be the conditioner cause, am natural dark blonde and it lightened mine after 6 weeks to lightest blonde !

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