Tuesday, 8 June 2010

May Favourite

Every month I will tell you what I have used almost every single day, and although I'm not a huge person for makeup everyday (I prefer to sleep longer before leaving for work) I do enjoy experimenting, so if something gets used often, it's normally pretty special!!

 In March I purchased this:
The main reason is because Boots were doing their "£5 off No.7" vouchers and I had bought all the nail polish shades I liked!! I also find that foundation tends to dry out my face a bit so I can't wear it everyday - therefore I save it for those special ocassions, or nights out.

I've never used a tinted moisturiser before but have always heard good things about it. I was quite glad that this had SPF15 as although I live in England we can get the odd sunny day in Summer - least I would be prepared!!

I find you don't need to use too much which is good as this would normally set you back £10.50 (I'm a bargain hunter so won't normally pay more than this). I find the colour matches my skin quite well, but they only had "fair" or "medium" so quite lucky really. I'm not sure if it would blend in well to eveyone's skin colour as I'm sure there are more than two colours of skin out there, right? Let me know if you've tried this and how it blended into your skin.

The moisturiser also gives a lovely healthy glow, which is a real bonus because if you don't have much time, you will just need this and perhaps one coat of mascara for a natural look. I've never had to reapply during the day, however I do normally wear No.7 loose powder over the top which helps the moisturiser stay put.

I will continue to use this product throughout June and we have had a few sunny days so I'm happy to know I am protecting my skin. Overall a great product, which I definitely won't mind paying full price for when it runs out.



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