Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Shiro Cosmetics

Ooooo my Shiro Cosmetics order arrived, and within 5 days, can you believe it!! I was so excited when I saw it I started picturing colour combos. Hopefully so will you when you see the pictures.

What I thought was different, apart freom the colours being name after pokemon, was the amount of care Caitlin takes to make your order look pretty. (see pic below) She also includes a personalised hand written note on the back of the Shiro Cosmetics business card which I thought was really sweet.

For £9.49 ($12 + $1.50 shipping) for all the samples I woulnd't have been too disappointed if I didn't like the colours as much as when I saw them on Becky's blog ( You all know what it's like when you see make up on screen, then in real life and it can be very different.

I loved every single colour, and the two free extra samples I was sent (Gengar & Meowth).

I tried out a look using 3 colours to start off with for work, I didn't want it to be too overpowering, but from looking at the range of colours I would say you can get any look you like from these shades.

Overall I find that these shadows are quite pigmented and apply easily, the only problem is I now want to buy the full size pots of every colour!! I may have to spend some time choosing my favourites as I'm not sure I can afford all of them. If you have ordered anything from Shiro, I'd be really interested in what you thought.


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