Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Spa Recipes - Leg Balm

So this sachet is another one from the set I bought from my 99p store. My fiancé was intrigued by the previous leg serum I used and didn't believe that my legs felt like silk. This time I said I would show him!

I applied this just before bed last night, when squeezing it from the sachet onto my hand, it smelt a bit like the medicine called "Calpol", felt a bit like it too actually, just less runny!! But I like the smell of Calpol so it's good. It's a kind of fruity smell in case you don't know what calpol is...and I suppose cherry like, as per the description of the sachet...

Once on my legs it was easy to smooth in, and was absorbed quite quickly, much quicker than the leg serum, but I think the serum was to exfoliate the skin rather than moisturise initially...making it easier for me to sleep as I didn't feel like I was going to stick to the bedsheets!!

 I'm now on my lunch break at work, and my legs do feel smoother than they did yesterday afternoon, so for a general treat for my legs once a week I would recommend it as it leaves my legs much smoother than a normal moisturiser would.

I'm now keen to use this every fortnight and the same with the leg serum, meaning my legs get a weekly treat!!


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