Thursday, 10 June 2010

July's Glamour Giveaway!!

I know Glamour always send me my magazine earlier than they release it in the shops and I knew that this month they were giving away Benefit eye make up products - that's right, a £2 monthly magazine giving away a £14 make up product. So I phoned the fiance to find out which free item I got, and it was the eye pencil. I was quite excited as that is actually something I use quite often, compared to eye brightener and concealer, but in another way it was a bit of a downer because I already have so many eye pencils.

What I decided to do was...go out and buy 5 more magazines...crazy I know...but it means 2 of each benefit product for just £10, when their total worth is £90!! So actually quite a good idea I thought, or perhaps a little obsessive! But then pencils do last a lot longer than most make up hopefully a good investment - we shall see.

Here are the products...quite nice, smart packaging, very funky looking. I think I will keep them in their boxes as I'm a little bit attached to them...sad I know. The first product I tried was the black eye pencil, it went on smoothly, and evenly, but didn't have as much pigment as I get from my Rimmel eyeliner (which is probably my favourite because it's cheap and cheerful, Urban Decay has probably now been pushed into third place). This eyeliner didn't gather in my inner eye after a few hours which is actually the first time it hasn't happened with eyeliner...

The other two products I tried when going to see my fried for her birthday on Saturday night and I think I put a bit too much concealer on as it wouldn't rub in very easily, but I'm not really used to using it so it'll take me a while to get it perfect.

The same with the eye brightener really, I love to sleep so not sure my eyes need brightening up much, but this was £2 guys, I could not resist!! I will have to use it though, otherwise Dave will moan at me...and plus I think Benefit obviously have some really good products so once I've learnt how to use this properly it could "Benefit" me alot, hehe.


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