Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Another Rainy OOTD

Sorry guys, but today's post is another OOTD. I won't be doing this everyday...but I was wearing something new. You know when you get new clothes and can't wait to wear them? Well I got quite a few new items for Christmas so now I'm gonna have a lot of fun wearing them all!! I thought I would show you how you can fit many great pieces into one outfit!

Here I am wearing a plain black long sleeve top (the air con is right next to me at work so I usually have to keep warm!), diamond patterned black tights, black ankle boots, a grey playsuit, a bright blue vest top and a grey pendant.

I hate wearing the same boots almost everyday but the weather is appalling in the UK at the moment. I have to drive through some floods to get to work, and then spend 10-15 minutes morning and night walking through puddles. These boots are my new best friend!

What do you think?


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