Monday, 10 January 2011

No.7 Cream Cheek Tint Review

I bought this product from Boots when they were offering £5 off No.7 products. I thought to myself, when better to try something new, than when you get £5 off. I was a bit nervous when first trying it and didn't quite know what to do. I'd used a cream highlighter before so thought I'd use this in a similar way, but apply it to the appropriate area.

I found it took a while to get used to the creamy texture when I was so used to powder. Although it lasts a lot longer. I do tend to use powder over the cream just to set it, then it is normally still in tact just before bed. I was really impressed with the colour too. There were only two shades available but this one suited me perfectly - it's called Maple Silk. I love using it when I am going to work and there's a chance I might be going out straight afterwards. It looks like I've only just applied my make up!

I would definitely be interested in buying more cream products in the future so that I have more long-lasting products - making it easier for me!

Have you enjoyed any cream or tint products lately?


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