Monday, 17 January 2011

First Official OOTD!

This is my first official Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) after asking you all whether you would be interested. Today is Monday - so back to work. Normally I'll choose an item and plan the rest around it, and quite often I choose bright colours.

Today I chose a dress I bought when I was in Switzerland with my girlies, I just love the pattern. I wanted a long sleeve top as it was raining outside! :( Therefore the obvious choice was my orange top - both long sleeved and bright. Meaning the rest of my outfit could be pretty "boring". I picked my striped black tights and black ankle boots - perfect for rainy days. I also got up 5 minutes early to find my colourful spotted umbrella - I'll show it to you another day :) See below for my picture of today's outfit!

The funny thing about this photo being taken is that you're lucky my cat isn't in it, he decided to run right past when the flash went off!! What do you think?

Thanks for reading xoxo


Andreea said...

You look lovely! love the dress! :*

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