Saturday, 7 August 2010

Back Again

I have sooooo much to catch up on, but I want to start by briefly explaining my reason for being back. Today I think I stumbled across the best bargains ever...!! In our 99p store, which is starting to become my best friend and my bank's worst enemy, I found Rimmel vinyl jelly lip liners and Revlon renewist lipcolor.

I spent a while going through all the different colours, and managed to get 3x 2packs of Rimmel lip liners in: 002 Be A Star - hot pink, 003 Starlet - nude, 004 Sorbet - light pink, 005 Succulent - medium pink, 007 Fudge - light browen and 010 Tasty - medium brown. I had my niece with me so will pop in there again tomorrow for a quick look for 001 Moreish, 006 Risque (I think), 008 Choccie and 009 Hot Spark. I see that Rimmel discontinued these in 2008, but they are the best lip liners I have ever tried. I don't wear liner very often so haven't tried many, but I can't see myself wanting to try anymore after these! They go on so easily and don't look too obvious so are great for lining or as a base to your favourite lip gloss! A bargain for only 99p for 2!!

There were so many more Revlon lipsticks, I spent a bit longer looking for a variety of colours and found 15; firstly a range of browns, then nudes/pinks, then reds/plums.
090 Heart Warming, 130 Mauvellous, 020 Coffee Fix, 050 Chocolate Satisfaction, 030 Moistly Mocha.
220 Juicy Apricot, 120 Coming Up Roses, 240 Coral Fixation, 070 Pretty In Pink, 100 Full Blush.
200 Red Reinvented, 110 Fresh Watermelon, 140 Raspberry Blush, 170 Full Bodied Wine, 180 Radiant Ruby.

I have tried a few of the lipsticks already and no matter what shade I use they all seem to suit me and blend in well with my skin tone. I hadn't found a red that suited me before and saw all the magazines that said "everyone can wear red lipstick, you just need to find the right shade" I wondered whether they were wrong, but now I know they are 100% right, and it's not just one shade of red that seems to work!! Am glad I purchased every shade I found!

I severely recommend you check out your local 99p store if you have one for drug store brand make up as it can work out a lot cheaper. I spent £18, but these would have easily cost me £93 or more, I am just estimating as lip liners are normally around £3 each and lipsticks around £5 each.

Let me know if you find any of these in your local, or if you find something else that surprised you!! Thanks :)


Ashley said...

Wow, what a bargain! In Canada the Rimmel lip-liners cost $5.99 and Revlon lipsticks are $8.99.

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