Friday, 20 August 2010

More No.7

One of my lovely colleagues left a "£5 off No.7" voucher on my desk so I wandered into town on my lunch break to use it! Boots are still giving them away when you spend over £5 so I thought now is the time to buy the new No.7 mascara, then I will get another voucher!!

Here are my purchases:

Exceptional Definition Mascara in Black, Stay Perfect Lipstick in Angel Kiss

On the website Boots says " The innovative three-in-one brush gives lashes exceptional definition and volume." The brush looks like this:

If you look closely, or enlarge the picture, you can see that the top bristles are shorter for application and ensuring there are no clumps. The longer bristles at the bottom are for combing through your lashes. Finally, the end of the brush has some bristles to enable you to get into the corner of your eye without getting mascara everywhere!

I can honestly say after just one coat it makes a huge improvement to my lashes. You can easily add several coats with this mascara due to the "combing" and "no clumping" bristles.

My second purchase was a lipstick. Of all the No.7 I own (my collection is quickly expanding) I have not yet tried a lipstick. I was tempted by the new Autumn limited edition plum shade, but I do already have a Rimmel plum lipstick which I love so I was more tempted to go for a nude shade. I looked at the Autumn LE nude but it was a bit too pink for me. So I started looking at the usual stand and found a few I liked. But this one caught my eye. Slightly nude, with a slight shimmer.

It's not too much to wear at work, but also the slight shimmer means you can wear it on a night out. Below are some pictures of how it looks once applied.

With flash
Without flash
I did find that after eating, the lipstick wore off a bit, so perhaps the staying power of this is not great, but I have only come across a few lipsticks that have worthwhile staying power. Seems ironic that this is in the "stay perfect" range though. I do however love how moisturised it makes my lips feel.

P.s. I was eating these whilst typing this blog and they are so moreish I've just finished the whole bag!! It was definitely not big enough to share...has anyone else tried these???


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