Tuesday, 17 August 2010

No.7 Heaven

Hi guys, I have been buying more make up!!

The fiancé was working on Sunday so I took a brief trip into town - he also got me pizza! But whilst chatting to him is fun I was tempted to check out the shops for make up. I went into Boots - and that's where it stopped really as I didn't have the cash to go anywhere afterwards!
I had 2x No.7 £5 off vouchers so I wanted to look at the No.7 stand first and found these goodies.

Almost immediately I saw a "Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat". I have been looking to get my hands on one of these cheaply for a while. £6.75 normally, £1.75 with the voucher. Excellent. I applied it on top of my Barry M manicure and I can really tell the difference. Hopefully it shows in the pic that the right hand is very shiny...?

The second item I chose was the Colour Rebellion Eye Palette, I was fixated on the colours - they're perfect for Autumn yet not dull at all. I tried it out quickly on Sunday, the colours go on smoothly and are also very pigmented. I used the green for my eyelid and the red in my crease. The red is more of a copper once blended and looked great! This also gave me another £5 off No.7 voucher as it was £5.50 after using the other voucher. The only thing I didn't like was the crocodile effect on each pot, but only because I didn't wanna ruin it!

I then decided to get a smoky eyeliner. I don't use liquid liner very often, and I'm only just getting used to it, but I thought this sounded like a very clever product. I used this with the palette when trying it out and wow was I shocked - in a good way. It's so easy to apply, it has a sponge applicator, but the best bit is because it's supposed to look smoky it doesn't matter if you don't get it perfect. Great for someone who is getting used to liquid liner. Only £4.50 when using a £5 off voucher.

The only other No.7 item I want is the new mascara...I should have really bought this before the smoky eyeliner as its £12 and would have been over £5 after using a voucher so I would have got another voucher - which I would have used to buy the eyeliner. Now I have to see if a kind friend has a voucher they want to give me so that I can get the mascara for £7 instead of £12!

Hope you've enjoyed this blog - it's a little bit longer than normal but I was just so excited about these products.


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