Friday, 6 August 2010

July Favourite

This month's favourite is an item my friend gave me, as she bought a double pack. I was very grateful and offered her some money but she wouldn't accept it. That's what great friends are like! :)

I think it's the best mascara I've tried. I liked it so much I bought a copy in brown from eBay - which I then lost on a drunken night out - meh!

This version of the mascara is in black, and it definitely is. Some mascaras claim to be black but aren't actually that dark (I hate those!). This one really makes my lashes stand out. The brush is the normal type, good size bristles, not too soft or hard etc. So I wonder why it goes on so well...perhaps it's the formula? I'm not a scientist so I'm not sure...but one day maybe I'll actually look at mascara ingredients and be able to find a good one that way instead of buying and trying!

Anyway; thanks again to my friend Sara who gave me this mascara as it's amazing and I use it almost everyday.



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