Monday, 16 August 2010


I realised that my make up wardrobe wasn't very well organised. It was basically make up in one large box and a couple of smaller boxes inside to separate the items up a bit. Then I had two small boxes for nails and hair.

I'd been looking into ways of making it easier to find a certain make up product and had seen many people using big dresser tables and desks on YouTube, but I don't have that much space. What I did think of was either a tower of storage drawers or a shoe rack, which I could use to slide lots of separate boxes on and off - so would function in a similar way to drawers.

I discussed it with the fiancé, even though he pretends not to care about my make up, and he thought if I got a shoe rack I would probably end up keeping shoes on it, and therefore wouldn't be solving my make up dilemma. We looked on the argos website and decided to go for something that would fit inside my wardrobe perfectly; a 6 drawer tower.

I also purchased from our 99p shop 2x 10 microwaveable tubs (like the ones you get takeaway in) to separate my items. I haven't yet labelled them but I probably will, although it does help that the tubs are transparent.

Here are some pictures for you!!

The kittens fell asleep in one of my smaller boxes, which I now use to keep my perfumes in

My make up and nail varnishes separated into takeaway tubs

The box my saviour came in

Putting the finishing touches to my drawers

A tidy wardrobe - finally!

Let me know if you've ever had/solved this problem, I'd be very interested to know what you have done :)


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