Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Models Own NOTD Mani

I decided it was time to paint my nails again! I wanted to use one of my new Models Onw shades and I picked Feeling Blue. I suppose it kinda also represents how people feel as it goes from Summer to Autumn (fall), when here in the UK we start getting a lot more rain, and it gets light way too late and dark way too early!!

So here it is, I think it's an absolutely lovely shade, and it could sure cheer me up if I was feeling blue!

Please excuse the messiness, I will probably be adding some white nail art tomrrow so I will do clean up then too, as its time for bed now!

I have a spare of this colour, and I will be giving it away when I reach 25 bloggers. I will let you know when the time comes and what you need to do! :)

What colours are you loving for autumn/fall 2010??


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