Thursday, 14 October 2010

New ID I-Bronze - Compact Powder Bronzer With Mirror

I've only had one bronzer before this one, from Avon - so I haven't seen many - but this is definitely my favourite so far. I bought it from New ID Studios in London, at £23.50 it's not exactly cheap. Read on to find out why I think it's worth every penny! The make up artist suggested I get the shade "Rio" which is great for my skin tone, I don't often go anywhere with make up artists so probably end up buying the wrong shade from time to time.

The packaging is lovely and sleek, starting with the white and silver outer cardboard box. Then a matching white and silver plastic compact. The font is lovely and it's very different from what you see in the shops. The compact clips shut and is quite durable. I carry it around in my handbag and it hasn't broken yet - always a bonus!

I even like the fact it has a perfect sized mirror, not too small you can't see yourself, but also just small enough so that you can take it anywhere with you. I'm quite glad it didn't come with a brush - they're not normally great quality brushes when you get them for "free". I find I only need a light dusting to provide me with a glow, and with a 9g pot this should last me a long time.

That's not the only reason I think it is worth the money. It's so pretty! Lots of colour swirled in a circle. If you have a bronzer with a few differents shades in it, it will give you a more natural glow. Which is what we're all after really, right? The only thing that makes it look like you have make up on is because it is slightly shimmery - see the picture below where I have applied some on my arm to show you what it looks like. But I love it so much! I'm so glad I went with my instinct and bought it. 

What new items do you like lately? Let me know!


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