Sunday, 3 October 2010

MUA Haul

So my partner got a PS3 yesterday and I got make up, fair deal? Probably not. The make up I chose was from Superdrug, by brand MUA. This was the only beauty shop we needed to go past in order to get back from Argos to our house. The items were reduced to £1 each so I picked up 20!!

I went through all 20 shades of eyeshadow and these are pretty much all the ones I liked, I also thought they went well together in the groups of four I placed them in for the photos, so I now have my custom built  MUA quads :)

I already had the majority of shades of nail polish they did so didn't purchase any. I wasn't too keen on the colours they had for their glitter dust, they don't compare to the bright shades of Barry M. I saw bright green and blue mascara, but thought I probably wouldn't end up wearing it so instead bought a few more liquid eyeliners - I really must start wearing these more now that I have over 10 different colours. I also bought a clear mascara which I have been contemplating purchasing for a while, but hadn't come across one I was drawn to. But this was just too tempting to refuse!

Do you own any make up by MUA?


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