Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Red Magnetism NOTD

Hello again everyone! I know I haven't finished my FOTD series yet, I have the pictures, but I haven't got round to uploading them yet as I had a stupidly busy weekend!! Sorry!

So here is my trying the magnetism look again, I have red, blue, green, silver and purple now. I'm very into red atm, I went in search of some red pumps and red tights today but didn't find any in my size in 2 shops that stocked them! Anyway, here are my pictures:

I was sitting in bed taking the pictures and my cat came to sit on my lap cause he likes to sleep on the bed with me. I couldn't resist adding the picture. I also just noticed that my nails match my bed sheet! hehe.

Hope you enjoyed reading and look out for the final two instalments of my FOTD series! xoxo


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