Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Youtube Flower Nail Design

Hi all, today I have been watching quite a few nail tutorials on youtube. The one I have applied to my nails this evening was my partner's favourite. See the video here.

It was quite an intricate design so I've only applied it to my thumbnails, which took about 10mins each!! Overall I took about half an hour, the base colour for my nails was 2 coats of one colour then a third coat in another colour, so each time I had to let the layers dry.

I used:

Quite a few different colours just for one thumb, but it was an experiment worth that again showed I'm not a great artist! I'm not sure my flowers actually look like flowers...perhaps more like white blobs? Hehe.

I'd be interested to hear if and how your copies of youtube videos have gone - it doesn't have to be nails.


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