Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Avon Clearskin Immediate Response Blemish Treatment

Ok so this product is something I've had a while, I'm not sure if Avon still do it, but I hope so. I keep it in my desk at work and both me and my colleague reach for it when we can just feel a spot coming. It's funny when I see her coming and she has her hand covering her face and reaches for the tube! Although really the spot is never that big.

It seems to speed up the process and bring the spot out, then it goes within a day sometimes. Crazy I know but if I forgot to use this my spots tend to stay for at least a few days so I can only give the credit to this product as I don't change my skincare routine when I have a spot. It's quite a small tube, only 15ml, but I haven't got to the bottom yet, you only need to use a small amount.

I'm going to be using this today as I've felt a spot appearing. You place the the small dot of gel on your spot, and it seems to act as a protective antiseptic layer and gets rid of redness pretty quickly. Once dry you can even apply make up over it if you wish - I guess the gel acts as a protective layer.

Even if Avon discontinued this it may still be available on eBay. I think it was around £3, which for me is a great price for something that reduces blemishes!

Have you tried this?


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