Tuesday, 2 November 2010

October Favourites

This month I am doing my favourites on time! I'm also going to start keeping my new products in a separate place for these posts because although I don't buy loads, I tend to forget what is new - and what I love for each respective month!

I am going to extend my post by including two products. One which I think is an essential for Winter is a night moisturiser. During the day we brave the cold weather and it can make our skin really dry. Using a moisturiser at night replenishes your skinn and gives it time to let the cream set in. What I love is that it doesn't make my skin feel greasy or oily and when I wake up in the morning it feels super soft!

I love that the moisturiser is in a very durable pot - it says on the bottom "double wall construction" which makes me feel comfortable in taking it with me anywhere!!

The cream stays relatively cold, which means it always feels refreshing on my skin. I actually look forward to putting this on at night! I loved it so much I purchased the day cream the other day and now use this under my foundation.

My second favourite for this month is a foundation, so both pretty basic products this month. I sometimes struggle to find a foundation that matches my skin tone. This foundation was used on me when I went to London and the fact that the MUA chose this shade means it is right for me. If I'm honest I probably wouldn't have chosen vanilla myself as I normally think of myself as a medium skin tone.

£9.50 from Boots

I love the sleek packaging for this product, I've already blogged about another New ID product and all their packaging is pretty much the same - in a good way. View the posts here and here if you're interested.

I do like how the bottle is long and slender, it doesn't puff out my handbags/make up bags when I'm on the go. Also due to the packaging of the foundation itself I don't feel like it will break and leak my foundation everywhere. So this is another product I can trust not to let me down.

I've not had a liquid foundation with a built in brush before. I don't always use a brush - sometimes I just use my fingers - probably because I'm lazy! You only need a few pumps to cover your whole face so I'm hoping it will last a while. It seems to last all day - which for me is from about 6am to 10pm, pretty good staying power if you ask me. Although if I forget to use my primer and powder I do notice my skin doesn't look quite as flawless by the end of the day - although that is to be expected!

£28 New ID Studios or website

Have you tried either of these products? What are your October favourites??


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