Monday, 22 November 2010

Silver Eyeliner Review

Today I thought I would review an eye liner I have had for almost a year. I got it in the New Year sale last year for £1. Yes that's right - I just couldn't resist the low price!

I have worn it more than a few times when I have understated eye make up and want to give it that extra dazzle. One coat will give a subtle shimmer or you can layer it quite easily to get a more glittery look.

The brush is relatively small, and glides along the eye very nicely. The length of the brush means you can reach the edge of your eye, without getting any of the liner on your face! The brush isn't too stiff so you can create a variety of lines - perfect for flicks.

This is one coat and I think it's just right for a subtle effect

The out of focus picture shows the glitter quite well

Overall it's a brilliant eyeliner for £1, and even if there were other colours at full price I would purchase them. It does the job you want it too and because it's sparkly you can vary the intensity for many different looks.


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