Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Eye Pencil Collection

I haven't got much time today so I thought I'd show you my eye pencil collection. If there are any "must haves" missing that I should get please let me know :)

My collection

Top to bottom: Models Own - black, L'oreal - black, Rimmel - black, H&M - sparkly black, Pure - white

My favourite of these is the Rimmel and L'oreal pencils (hence why the Rimmel pencil is so small!!) they are so easy to work with.

Top to bottom: Gosh - 102 Lemongrass, Gosh - 103 Aqualife, Gosh - 008 Silver Screen, Gosh - Sparkling Coal

I love how bright these pencils are, they go on quite easily too.

Top to bottom: Urban Decay - Covet, Urban Decay - Zero, Urban Decay - Lust, Urban Decay - Eletric, Urban Decay - Lucky, Urban Decay - Zero, Urban Decay - Bourbon, Urban Decay - Zero, Urban Decay - Topside, Urban Decay - Zero, Urban Decay - Ransom

I really like how creamy these eye pencils are and how long they stay on for - pretty much all day!

Top to bottom: Barry M - black, Barry M - Shimmering Eye Crayon #8, Barry M Shimmering Eye Crayon #1

These shimmering pencils are great to use for a highlight or all over colour, they're quite subtle which I love. I haven't yet used the back pencil so I wouldn't know what that's like!

Top to bottom: Avon - In A Blink silver smoke, Avon - In A Blink steel smoke, Avon - In A Blink violet smoke, Avon - In A Blink green smoke, Avon - Chocolate, Avon - Surf, Avon - Metallic Bronzing, Avon - Arabian Glow Bronze, Avon - Arabian Glow Sunny

The smokey eye pencils are great because they are double ended and one side has eyeshadow in the lid to create the perfect smokey effect! The brown and blue pencils are so great to a striking effect - they're so pigmented! I love the bronze pencils too and they are perfect for my skin when I want to go for a natural but different look. I suppose I should buy a new Avon eye pencil as it seems I have quite a collection and love them all!

What do you think?


Kirsty T said...

I actually really like the felt tip pen eyeliner at the moment. i find them very easy to use and E.L.F has some great colours for cheap.

samwells87 said...

Ooooh, I have a Collection 2000 felt tip liner which I got with my Boots points - I've used it a few times and like you find it really easy to use. I may have to check the ELF ones out!!

Anonymous said...

I was literally just going to comment about felt pen eye liners. I have a No.17 soft pen liner and it's great :)

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