Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fyrinnae Lip Lustres

A few months ago, around the same time that I bought my Aromaleigh stuff I purchased a few bits from Fyrinnae. I think this was probably beause Sirvinya, an experienced beauty blogger was raving about Pixie Epoxy, and I thought I'd try a few other bits too. Plus my partner is always moaning that my lips are sticky when I have lipgloss on!

I can no longer find them on the website, so can only assume they've stopped doing them? Let me know if that's not the case - as I'd like to purchase a few more colours really! I suppose that sums up what I think of them already lol.

The shades I bought are pictured below, in order;

Bare Shoulders
Flavour Of The Day
Lollipop Pop

 With flash
Without flash

I love that they give a lot of colour to your lips and are slightly shimmery. I also love that they are scented, I think Bare Shoulders was cafe latte, and Trickster was mint, but as they're no longer on the website I can't tell you what the others are, but they smell amazing!! You don't need to use too much of it to get a good coating on your lips, meaning even the mini sizes are perfect. Great for evening handbags/clutches too! I don't know what I'd do without these and am so glad I purchased them when I did if they are now not available...

In the picture above I am wearing Bare Shoulders, it was my "go to" nude shade before I bought No.7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Nude Rebellion. It still is my go to nude shade when I don't a heavy look. For me lipstick can always look quite "made up" - sometimes too much for work hence why I wear this in the offie quite frequently. I love the fact that it still looks shimmery but you can't feel that anything is there, and it really does taste great.

Have you got a great product you use when you find some lip glosses are too "sticky"?


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