Monday, 1 November 2010

Barry M Nail Effects

I spotted this online whilst looking at new Autumn/Winter Barry M shades and got in from Boots the other day for £3.95. I will be using it many times, just to show how versatile it is. I've only used it once, but already I'm in love! I think it will take a few applications to get used to it. Unfortunately I was a little tight for time tonight - hence why I'm posting this so late - so I've gone for a very ordinary white base coat white my black nail effects "cracking" polish on top! I will do a review of it once I've tested it out properly.

What do you think? Have you used something like this yet? Any requests for what colours I should use as a base next - let me know!!


*~*~* Debbie said...

that effect is great cant wait to see it with other base coats ...... what other effects are available?

samwells87 said...

Unfortunately I've only seen it in black so far, but hopefully it won't be long until other brands start making it available too, meaning the competition will have to bring out new colours!

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