Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Body Shop Lip Butter

"This is wonderful stuff" is the first thing I thought when I was bought a lip butter for my birthday a few years back. They are more expensive than normal lip balms but they are sooooo worth it. They smell divine and moisturise my lips more than anything I've tried before - even vaseline!

Last month I used my Love Body membership card to get a lip butter as my "birthday gift". There were about 5 or 6 flavours and I chose Sweet Lemon. The little pots hold 8.5g which isn't actually too bad for £4.

Another great thing about these lip butters is that the scent can be smelt from a short distance away - my boyfriend quite likes that my lips smell of lemons! I definitely want more of these in the future! They are perfect to be taken anywhere - fit right in your handbag. I also like the fact they are in pots rather than tubes, you can use every last little bit!

Do you own any of these?


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