Wednesday, 1 December 2010

November Favourites

I haven't bought much this month - I'm not including my Sleek palettes as I haven't had enough time to give them a proper play yet! But these items I have used a lot in the past month.

This liquid foundation surprised me because it actually feels as though it sets on your face, kinda between the texture of a liquid and a powder. It actually dries really nicely rather than your skin feeling heavy and oily. I generally don't have oily skin but this is how some foundations can make me feel - I get a bit paranoid about it sometimes! Yesterday I even tried applying 3 times as much as I normally wear and it still felt soft, a mixture of the powder/liquid setting and stayed that way all day.

The pump is easy to use, it provides you with the perfect amount from one squeeze. It's really easy to blend around your face either with a brush, sponge or fingers. I find there are plenty of shades in the range with specific colours for warm and cool skin tones. This is fantastic for a great priced drugstore brand.

This is how I looked last night after using 3 pumps. You'll probably agree it looks lke quite a heavy coverage, but not fake in any way and sometimes i find when foundation is "caked" on it can look really bad. This doesn't. Even if I just want a little bit of foundation to even out my skin tone it doesn't take much, so this product is perfect for any coverage.

My second favourite for this month is a lipstick I purchased just before Halloween and I realised it had been named with that seasonal holiday in mind. For me, it's a great alternative to a nude lipstick. It's not quite nude - but also not too bright and daring to take all the attention away from the eyes (or anywhere else you may want to enhance).

I really like the fact that this lipstick is not drying at all and actually feels really nice on my lips, it feels soft. It doesn't flake at all and in fact I only have one bad thing to say about it. It doesn't rub off too easily so when brushing my teeth at night it sometimes gets onto my toothbrush. Bu then this just confirms how well it will stay on throughout the day.

I really like how it shows up on my lips. I suppose it's a kinda peachy colour, but I like the way it seems so glossy, without actually using lipgloss. It also has a few specks of gold shimmer to it which I really like, so that when you're caught in the right light it can look quite glamourous.

Do you own any of these items - what do you think??


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