Thursday, 2 December 2010

Green Glitter Gradient Manicure

I decided I would try the sponge effect manicure - also known as a gradient manicure. I used 4 colours and thought a little bit of glitter on the tip would look pretty. It turned out ok, however if I do it again I must remember to dab a bit more than swipe, as I seemed to just try to paint it on almost as normal. It is weird to get the hang of I suppose after you've been swiping/painting nails for over a decade!

Anyway, a partial success. Sorry the pictures have been taken pre clean up, I was a little bit excited about getting this up and will probably do the clean up when I'm having a lovely soak in the bath tomorrow morning to warm me up as there is still masses of show outside!

First I added a base coat - No.7 So Smooth, then I added 2 coats of No.7 60's Mini Skirt. Next came the first sponging colour - Barry M in Mint Green (as pictured below).

Then came the second sponging colour, what I liked is that you didn't have to leave the sponging coats long until they had dried. The second colour was Barry M in Spring Green.

After that I added a little bit of Models Own in Peacock Green to the tips and then coated that in a purple/blue/silver flecked glitter and left it to dry. And that was it! Quite simple really, but as mentioned earlier it does show in the pictures that I need to get used to the sponging method a bit more as some of the colour changes just look like bold lines, rather than a complete gradient look.

Better luck next time :D

Have you tried this before? Have you got any tips for me? Thanks!! xx


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