Monday, 6 December 2010

Sleek Storm Palette Review

Some people may look at this palette with an "untrained" eye and think the colours are boring. This review is going to prove otherwise.

Here is a picture of the palette:

Here are my swatches of the colours over the top of Pixie Epoxy:

With flash

Without flash

I popped in two pictures because one shows the shimmer more and one shows how pigmented the colours are. I absolutely love them. For the price of £5.99 for 12 eyeshadows they are very high quality. Much better than I thought they would be.

I did notice that the black is a bit harder than the other shadows, it takes more pressing to actually apply. But this is probably a good thing as I don't tend to use black much and when I do I use it cautiously. The fact that it's slightly harder to apply means I'm less likely to apply too much.

The variety of shades in this palette coordinate perfectly. You can pretty mcuh match any of these shades with another and still make it work. I love every single shade and will be using this plenty. If I wake up early enough tomorrow I fancy doing a bronze look...

What do you think?


liquoredonlacquer said...

Awesome! I love that green its so amazing, I wish they sold Sleek in Canada!! ♥

BeautybyPaula said...

I use this palette all the time.I love it and have hit pan on the 2 brown colours so i will be repurchasing. xxx

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