Sunday, 19 December 2010

Virtual Makeover

I have been contemplating dying my hair recently - I tend to do this before Christmas every year for some reason - and I came across this website. It enables you to create looks that actually look quite realistic, which could save you from making a big mistake!

What do you think of my slightly darker hair? I thought I'd try a vampy make up look too.

I also created a celebrity makeover look - Keri Hilson:

It's so much fun! To try it out yourself, go to:


Melly said...

i think the darker hair color would really suit you, especially since you have dark eyes (brown)
i personally go for black every single winter, heh :) winter time my skin is so pale any warm colors really look dull on me, and black makes a lovely complex with fair skin, brown eyes and red lips.
anw, sorry for random ramble.. YES, go for the darker one, because based on the picture, it really does make your eyes pop! :)

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