Monday, 13 December 2010

Rimmel vs MAC Cream Eyeshadow

I was going through my cream eyeshadow collection and came across these. Would you ever compromise on quality in order to spend less?

They are slightly different colours but from afar they are very similar. They are in very similar shaped pots, similar colours and that made me think. Do they also apply the same? So I investigated - The picture below shows the colours and textures.

I found the Rimmel cream eyeshadow on the left was slightly thicker and applied a little blobby at times. Whereas the MAC eyeshadow was so smooth and I didn't need to use as much to bring out the true colour. Now I know the MAC shadows cost about 3 times as much as the Rimmel eyeshadows, but for one of the first times I'm saying that I would go for MAC over anything else. This product is perfect - it has a subtle shimmer, whereas I think the Rimmel one is a bit too shiny...

Which do you prefer? Do you own any of these?


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